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What is Bedforms-ATM?
Bedforms Analysis Toolkit for Multiscale Modeling (Bedforms-ATM) is an open source MATLAB software (GNU General Public License software) which is proposed to standardize the scale-based discrimination of bed forms.

The software is presented in:

Gutierrez, R. R., Mallma, J. A., Núñez-González, F., Link, O., & Abad, J. D. (2018). Bedforms-ATM, an open source software to analyze the scale-based hierarchies and dimensionality of natural bed forms. SoftwareX, 7, 184-189.

And it is is based on:

  • Gutierrez, R. R., Abad, J. D., Parsons, D. R., and Best, J. L. (2013). Discrimination of bed form scales using robust spline filters and wavelet transforms: Methods and application to synthetic signals and bed forms of the Ro Parana, Argentina. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 118(3):1400-1418.
  • Nuñez-Gonzalez, F., Hesse, D., Ettmer, B., Kume, E., and Link, O. (2014). Objective method for ranking bedforms with a 3-dimensionality-index, in: River Flow 2014, pp. 1059-1065.

The development of Bedforms-ATM was led by Dr. Ronald Gutierrez (

Bedforms-ATM V1.1 comprises the following applications: [1] Bed forms wavelet analysis, [2] Power Hovmöller analysis, [3] Bed forms multiscale discrimination, and [4] Three-dimensionality analysis. Bedforms-ATM has been designed to encourage its expandability via the collaboration from the users’ community.

Code and user guide
The software code, the user guide, and the error report format can be obtained from the following link:

Test data
Two types of data accompany Bedforms-ATM, namely:

  • Bed form data from the Parana River (Argentina), which comprises 150 bed form profiles.
  • Synthetic bed form fields for both rectangular and curved bed form fields.

The aforementioned data can be downloaded from:

They are also available on PANGAEA®,
Gutierrez, Ronald R (2017): Synthetic data for the Bedforms Analysis Toolkit for Multiscale Modeling (Bedforms-ATM). doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.873304

Bedforms-ATM will also be able to accept new applications through the contribution of the users’ community. If you have a code you would like to contribute, we will gladly consider your contribution. Please send an email to