Research data have a significant value beyond the usage for the original research. Sharing data thus leads to new, cost-effective and innovative collaborations, encouraging a wider scientific debate using more comprehensive research methods. This increases the research impact and improves the visibility of the original research data and outputs.
Here we will publish data links relative to MARID research from the any information systems which provide fully citable data with a doi.
If you want to share your data, or you know of datasets which could be added to this list, email with the full reference of your submission (including the doi number). Please write “datasets” in the subject line of your email.

Bathymetry dataset

Bradley, R. (2018) Transport Scaling of Dunes in Shallow Flows. Federated Research Data Repository.

Zomer, Judith (2021): Supporting data for the publication: Rapidly migrating secondary bedforms can persist on the lee of slowly migrating primary river dunes. 4TU.ResearchData. Dataset.

Bedform dimensions and characteristics

Lefebvre, A; Ernstsen, VB; Winter, C (2011): Spectral analysis of seabed elevation from the Danish Wadden Sea

Barnard, PL; Erikson, LH; Elias, E et al. (2012): Bedform measurements from the San Francisco Bay Coastal System

Fraccascia, S; Winter, C; Ernstsen, VB et al. (2016): Bedform characterization (Knudedyb, Danish Wadden Sea)

Krämer, K; Winter, C (2016): In situ measurements of ripple dimensions

Winter, C; Lefebvre, A; Benninghoff, M et al. (2016): German Bight bedform reconstructions

Gutierrez, RR (2017): Synthetic data for the Bedforms Analysis Toolkit for Multiscale Modeling (Bedforms-ATM) 

Damen, J.M.; van Dijk, A.G.P.; Hulscher, S.J.M.H. (2018): Replication Data for: Spatially varying environmental properties controlling observed sand wave morphology, Part 1. 4TU.ResearchData. Dataset.

Lefebvre, A (2019): Results of the analysis of flow modelling above a bedform field

Naqshband, S. (2019): Supporting Information for: Scale-dependent evanescence of river dunes during discharge extremes. 4TU.ResearchData. Dataset.

Naqshband, Suleyman (2021): Supporting Information for the publication: The influence of slipface angle on dune growth. 4TU.ResearchData. Dataset.

Hydrodynamics data

Kwoll, E; Becker, M; Winter, C (2014): Stationary and vessel mounted ADCP profiles from flow and suspended sediment concentration fields over tidal bedforms in the Knudedyb tidal inlet in the Danish Wadden Sea

Kwoll, E; Venditti, JG; Bradley, RW et al. (2016): Laboratory investigation of flow structure and resistance of high- and low-angle dunes

Other bedform-related data

Lefebvre, A; Paarlberg, AJ; Ernstsen, VB et al. (2014): Flow separation and roughness lengths over large bedforms in a tidal environment

Lefebvre, A; Ernstsen, VB; Winter, C (2013): Estimation of roughness lengths with a ship-mounted ADCP from Knudedyb, Denmark in October 2009

Lefebvre, A; Paarlberg, AJ; Winter, C (2016): Results of analysis and model simulation of the bed profiles

Lefebvre, A; Winter, C (2016): Predicting bed form roughness: the influence of lee side angle